Monday, October 8, 2012

019. Good read.

Finding a good person to fit and suit in your life is like reading books.
You read all type of books. You read thru all the pages and chapters.
You learn the story. You try to understand them by heart.
There are bad books , There are the good ones.
You read and keep on reading.
Until you found,

the perfect one.
that suits you.
the storyline.
the moods.
the characters.
the language.

You keep it.
and you'll read it again,

because every chapter,
won't make you bored.

and as for me,
I thought I have found one.
But eventually,
all the chapters that I've read
from the sweetest page, till the rough one

and I've realized,

I shall continue to read
and search for any other books.


For the memory of the book that I used to keep, I will keep it.

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